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Greenhouse Energy Audit

Auditors certified under the Michigan Farm Energy Audit Program conducted 15 energy audits on greeenhouses throughout Michigan funded under a USDA-REAP grant, focusing mostly in the Lower Pennisula. Data on greenhouse size, energy use, operating practices and identified energy conservation reports. The main goal of the individual audit reports is to assist the greenhouse operators in making educated decisions regarding energy use and conservation of their farms.

From the 15 greenhouses, the total electrical energy used was 5,461,090 kWh. The average electrical energy per greenhouse was 364,073 kWh and ranged from 1,758 to 1,958,474 kWh annually. The energy from fossil fuels and renewable fuels totaled approximately 41,537,639 kWh.

The program is also the only auditing service recognized by Consumer's Energy and DTE. An energy audit from the Michigan Farm Energy Audit Program and our partners can help identify energy saving and provide financial incentives to make the modifications.

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