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A significant reduction in dependence upon petroleum based energy cannot be accomplished in a short time frame with the introduction of renewable sources of energy alone. A synergistic approach to the problem must be undertaken which also includes increased efficiency of equipment, processes and practices used in production of agricultural products. Key to recognizing energy inefficiency is:

1) Increasing awareness of the urgency to undertake improvements, agricultural producer education concerning methods of making significant improvements in energy efficiency.

2) An energy audit program that analyzes energy use for a specific agricultural enterprise and identifies areas where efficiency improvements can be made with projections of amounts of energy saved along with costs of implementing the changes and pay-back projections.

The long term objective of such a program is to develop a comprehensive energy audit program that can be applied to all types of production farm operations in Michigan.

The program will only concentrate on stationary or farmstead energy use operations although the use of tractors and other mobile equipment for farmstead operations will not be ruled out.

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Phase 3 Dairy: Completed

Irrigation: Fall

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