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Welcome to the Farm Energy Audit Training. This training will focus on agricultural production facilities. Agricultural and food operations are among the highest energy consuming business operations in Michigan and comprise the second largest industry in the State.

Training is broken down into 4 phases and you need to successful complete all phases to receive an endorsement for certification as a Certified Farm Energy Auditor. The certification program will be managed by the Michigan Agricultural Electric Council (MAEC) and Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) with input from the Michigan Ag. Energy Program.

Phase 1 : Three days, training covering fundamental farm operations, technical energy efficiency areas, energy efficiency strategies and issues, energy audits, funding and alternative energy sources.

Phase 2 : Select one of these dates. One day, involves breaking into 2-3 groups and visiting a farm to conduct actual assessment, data gathering, laying out strategies and assignments within each group (coordinated by project staff assigned to each group) regarding development of a Farm Energy Audit. Groups can coordinate additional discussion dates among themselves. Project staff will assist in development of the report.

Phase 3 : One day, involves presentation of completed Farm Energy Audit Report with discussions, feedback and recommendations regarding each group report. Final report with modifications based on discussions, feedback and recommendation will be submitted.

Phase 4 : Each participant (can work in pairs) will develop a Farm Energy Audit Report on their own and submit the report by an agreed upon date. Reports will be evaluated by project staff and comments forwarded to the Farm Energy Auditor/s for final revisions. A list of farms who are willing to cooperate will be provided for participants to choose from.

Cost per training: MAEC member organizations and partners, Agri-Energy group, MSU, State of Michigan and Federal staff/representatives - no charge.

Out of State - $2,500 per participant

In-State - $500 (support from MAEC)

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Phase 3 Dairy: Completed

Irrigation: Fall

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