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MAEC stray voltage brochure

Guide for Conducting a Stray Voltage Evaluation

A guide for technicials which is intended to be used in conjuction with the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) Rules and Regulations Governing Animal Contact Current Mitigation. This guide is not intended or suggested as a replacement for, or interpretation of, the actual rules.

Animal Contact Locations Form
Alternate Location Adjustment Factor Form
Second Investigation Form
Temporary Load Test Form
Utility Contribution Form

MPSC Rules and Regulations Governing Animal Contact Current Mitigation

Understanding the Construction Code Rules, Part 8

Electrical Code Changes

Agricultural Grounding & Wiring Short Course - is 11hours of instruction offered by Michigan State University, including some hands-on exercises and use of the National Electric Code, dealing with service grounding and bonding, supplying power to outbuildings, and special farm wiring rules.

Neutral-To-Earth Voltage Evaluator Training - A 20 hour course covering identification of sources of neutral-to-earth voltages that can be found on livestock farms and around swimming pools, including steps that can be taken to mitigate problem voltages.

Biosystems & Agricultural Engineering Newsletter

Personnel Successfully Completing the Agricultural Grounding and Wiring Short Course (pdf)

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